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    Hello! My name is Laura, welcome to my blog! I write weird stories, collect dragon plushies and stay up too late with my nose in a book. I am a wife, mom and child saved by grace. My hope is that you find encouragement here or at least a smile or too.
    God bless!

  • “Now go, write it before them in a table, and note it in a book that it may be for the time to come forever and ever.”
    ~Isaiah 30:8.

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    We have come from God, and inevitably the myths woven by us, though they contain error, will also reflect a splintered fragment of the true light, the eternal truth that is with God. Indeed only by myth-making, only by becoming 'sub-creator' and inventing stories, can Man aspire to the state of perfection that he knew before the Fall. Our myths may be misguided, but they steer however shakily towards the true harbour, while materialistic 'progress' leads only to a yawning abyss and the Iron Crown of the power of evil.
    ~J.R.R. Tolkien

    "The only just literary critic," he concluded, "is Christ, who admires more than does any man the gifts He Himself has bestowed."
    ~J.R.R. Tolkien

    “Fantasy is escapist, and that is its glory. If a soldier is imprisioned by the enemy, don't we consider it his duty to escape?. . .If we value the freedom of mind and soul, if we're partisans of liberty, then it's our plain duty to escape, and to take as many people with us as we can!”
    ~J.R.R. Tolkien

    "Writers who see by the light of their Christian faith will have, in these times, the sharpest eye for the grotesque, for the perverse, and for the unacceptable. To the hard of hearing you shout, and for the almost-blind you draw large and startling figures."
    ~Flannery O'Connor

    You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what’s burning inside you. And we edit to let the fire show through the smoke.
    ~Arthur Polotnik

    Words - so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them.
    ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

    "There are forms of insanity that condemn people to hear voices against their will, but as writers we invite ourselves to hear voices without relinquishing our hold on reality or our right to control."
    ~Writing Fiction by Janet Burroway

    Christians have sometimes been suspicious of stories, because they really can influence you. If you read the Twilight novels once a month for a year, I think you'd be a different human afterward—and not a sparkly one.
    ~Nate Wilson

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Heart of Hope Born Again

It’s happened.  My first novel Heart of Hope has been pulled off the shelf after almost three years of sitting.  I’ve blown off the dust and cracked open the pages and ever so slowly, new things are taking shape.

A few weeks ago my mind brought it up again, turning over ideas for changes, fixes for plot wholes I couldn’t figure out then.  It took a while, but Heart of Hope is finally growing up and maturing into something I can work with.  It’s going to be a different book when I’m done with it, but with the same people, same ideals, same places, and the same story.  (Same song different tune if you will.)

The plot has changed.  Two (soon to be three) characters have new names, and there’s a new twist in events.  I’m excited about it again. 🙂

I think I have my work cut out for me.  I’m sitting on Choices for a while, developing a new world, outlining/writing two stories set in that world, editing Heart of Hope again, and, working on an epic story with my husband.  Few!  Believe it or not, that’s how I keep myself writing, lots of projects at one time.  Keeps my mind in the writing mode. 😉  (Plus I get to world jump.  Who wouldn’t want to do that!)

There you have it, my latest writing update.

Until next time… may the Force be with you, stay out of the shadows, aim to misbehave and never meddle in the affairs of dragons.


Operation Messy Desk

Here’s something I found funny about my personality type, an INFJ…

INFJs place great importance on havings things orderly and systematic in their outer world. They put a lot of energy into identifying the best system for getting things done, and constantly define and re-define the priorities in their lives. On the other hand, INFJs operate within themselves on an intuitive basis which is entirely spontaneous. They know things intuitively, without being able to pinpoint why, and without detailed knowledge of the subject at hand. They are usually right, and they usually know it. Consequently, INFJs put a tremendous amount of faith into their instincts and intuitions. This is something of a conflict between the inner and outer worlds, and may result in the INFJ not being as organized as other Judging types tend to be. Or we may see some signs of disarray in an otherwise orderly tendency, such as a consistently messy desk.  

Taken from:   http://www.personalitypage.com/html/INFJ.html

 Allow me to show you exhibit A, my desk.



Eck… not good.

So, being the orderly and systematic INFJ that I am, I had to reorganize.

Exhibit B… after the reorganization.



Note books where I can get to them.

Note books where I can get to them.



Dragon lamp

Dragon lamp


The little hand carved mouse I won at the OYAN Winter Workshops.

The little hand carved mouse I won at the OYAN Winter Workshops.

Yes, I like it too.

So, what I did…

  1. I got rid of the horrid shoe back I was using as a shelf/cubby
  2. Bought two wooden shelves of different sizes and stained them
  3. Bought hooks for under shelf
  4. Took all the stuff off my walls and emptied the top of my desk
  5. Sorted through everything, inside and out, and stuffed my garbage can to overflowing
  6. Had my dad hang the shelves
  7. Began putting things back one at a time in a designed place

It’s so nice to be organized!

So, what to you all think?

Oh, and brownie points to anyone you can find the 10 dragon things I have there. 😉 (A couple of them are rather hard…)

A Little Imagination

Here we are, my final story for my Fiction writing class.  For this, the assignment was to write a story in a different form from what we had written before.  I decided to try my hand at writing a poem story.  I had a lot of fun writing it, though in my opinion it could still use a little work.  Even so, I’m pretty happy with the turn out. 

Read and enjoy.  🙂 

P.S.  To Garret: It’s not Beowulf, but here you go. 😉

A Little Imagination

Corridors of darkness where no spark of light be found,

Is where our hero treads his courage is unbound.

He walks with silent footfalls as quiet as the night,

A sword clasped in hand he wields an awesome might.


A figure at his shoulder sits to offer aid and guidance,

Her little wings sparkle and gleam with fair reliance.

Her tiny voice steers him on for her magic eyes can see,

In the darkness no eyes are better than a fairy’s eyes can be.


Together they embark on a quest of great weight and degree,

To find a land of toil and strain and set it’s captives free.

They journeyed long to find this place and now they’re at the door,

A portal awaits, they must pass through but then they hear the roar.


A mighty beast with flaming tongue out from the darkness bounds,

 Its great clawed feet upon the earth beats and stomps and pounds,

Seeing the beast our hero thinks, “Perhaps we should depart.”

The fairy flutters and whispered, “No, now be brave take heart!”


“Take up our sword and slay the beast take courage and stand fast,

For once this fiend is dead and gone, into the land we pass!”

So our hero raises his gleaming sword and charges at his foe,

And delivers to its chest a mighty thrust and blow.


The monster screams and fire pours from its gapping maw,

It tries to snare our hero with his outstretched reaching claw.

But our hero ducks then thrusts and stabs with every bit of force,

The beast then falls and breaths his last, our hero stumbles forth.


Into the portal they now walk, our hero and his fairy,

They’ve done a great deed they’ve slain the beast, but no they must not tarry.

On they go and pass into the land of toil and dread,

Over hill through the dales across the land they tread.


To find the captives bound in chains pleading for a way,

For someone to come and set them free and bring a sunny day.

But something has happened someone’s here, watching our hero daring,

To cross this land amidst the grief and strife and evil glaring.


“Johnny boy,” a voice comes through our hero stops and turns,

His mother stands inside the door, his stomach flips and churns.

“The night is late why are you up, why aren’t you now in bed?

You should be sleeping Johnny boy, that’s what your father said.”


“I was playing a game mother dear, I was a hero brave,

“My fairy here was helping me, the captive we must save!”

His mother smiles and shakes her head, “To bed you now must go,

You can play tomorrow then in daylight you can fight your foe.”


And so our hero drops his sword that’s really made of wood,

And places the fairy back on the shelf next to his Robin Hood.

His mother tucks him tight in bed and tells her boy good night,

“What an imagination you have,” She whispers turning out the light

Update #1

Hello readers!  Here we are!  It’s the beginning of May and week three of the final revision of Draft II! (Untill Draft III.)Six more weeks to go before the deadline and two chapters left!

Update on what’s mean happening:

1.     Chapter ten is finished and titled  “Unveiled”.  What’s unveiled you ask?  Ehehehehe……

 Here are a couple clips.

Suddenly there was a racket behind a half open door in the wall at the foot of the bed.  A very red haired, broad shouldered, bearded dwarf stepped into the room carrying what looked like an arm full of small potatoes.

“Blasted pantry,” the dwarf grumbled to himself as he pushed with his back to close the door.  “Never a clear spot to stand when you need one,” He tossed the potatoes into the pot over the fire, not bothering to peel them.

The moss moved again, slipping from its place around the tree and collecting in long bunches to either side.  Then Ava saw it, a scaled tail unwrapped from where it once lay hidden under the moss, no, not moss, wings.  What Ava had taken for great cushions of moss were actually feathered wings!  A slender body dethatched itself from the tree and climbed down the trunk, the claws on its two back feet digging into the bark.  Collected on the ground below the creator crouched, its wings folded behind it and its jade eyes fixed on Ava.  The creature was a forest dragon!

I’ll be starting on chapter eleven tomorrow.  Second to last! Eeep!

 2.     Just finished reading a book by Bryan Davis called, I Know Why the Angels Dance.  It was an awesome story, but very sad.  (I guess I’m one of those people who like sad stories.)  If any of you ever read it, make sure you have a BIG box of Kleenex handy.

3.     I have another surgery coming up next week on the 12th.  Remember the first one?  I’m going to have the screw removed.  It won’t be as big as the last one, no crutches for one, hallelujah!  But I would still appreciate your prayers.  It’s going to be hard, trying to get revision done and recovering from surgery, but, that was just the way things worked out.

4.     Ever get the impression God is trying to tell you something?  Lately He’s been impressing on my heart the importance of maintaining a good relationship with my family and not letting the fact that I’m an adult and there for “have my own life”, effect that relationship.  So, I’m redirecting where most of my focus is going and starting to put more of it into my family.  To those of you out there who don’t think your family is that important; your family is THE MOST important part of your life (apart from Christ), it’s up to you to make sure you keep that relationship going. 

 I CAN’T WAIT TO BE DONE!  I’M ALMOST THERE!  Thank you all for your prayers!

God bless!

Through the Eyes of Imagination

Look at this picture, what do you see?                   

The imagination is an amazing thing, it allows you to see the things dreams are made of, to journey to other worlds, or create your own.  When I was little, swings were unicorns and when I closed my eyes, swung really high then opened them again I would suddenly be in Fairy Land.  My sister and I had grand adventures in that land and when we were done we would mount our “unicorns” and fly back home for dinner. 

Part of me still rides unicorns and visits the mystic land of fantasy, and I hope I shall always be welcome there.  Some people believe it’s childish for an adult to dream and “visit” a made up world and it is if you mistreat it, but if you do not, it is beautiful.  Once, when I was sitting at a park picnic table I saw a pair of dragonflies chasing each other across the clover speckled park lawn.  As I watched them, in my mind’s eye they became fairs hurrying way, perhaps on an errand to collect clover nectar for their supper.  To the untrained eye they looked like ordinary dragonflies, but not to me, I could see them and I amused myself with the idea that the fairies themselves didn’t know I could see them.  I had to smile at myself for my silly daydreaming, but at the same time I was thankful for the imagination I had and the ability to turn my ordinary world into something extraordinary.

From shapes in the clouds, to reading a good book or creating a new world, we use our imaginations to seek out the wonder of the world around us and the hidden beauty we find there.  The amazing thing; it was put there for our enjoyment by Someone who loves us beyond what even our imaginations can conceive, and we can give it back in our own small way.  What new wonders have you discovered?

P.S. There’s a dragon in the picture. 🙂

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