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    Hello! My name is Laura, welcome to my blog! I write weird stories, collect dragon plushies and stay up too late with my nose in a book. I am a wife, mom and child saved by grace. My hope is that you find encouragement here or at least a smile or too.
    God bless!

  • “Now go, write it before them in a table, and note it in a book that it may be for the time to come forever and ever.”
    ~Isaiah 30:8.

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    We have come from God, and inevitably the myths woven by us, though they contain error, will also reflect a splintered fragment of the true light, the eternal truth that is with God. Indeed only by myth-making, only by becoming 'sub-creator' and inventing stories, can Man aspire to the state of perfection that he knew before the Fall. Our myths may be misguided, but they steer however shakily towards the true harbour, while materialistic 'progress' leads only to a yawning abyss and the Iron Crown of the power of evil.
    ~J.R.R. Tolkien

    "The only just literary critic," he concluded, "is Christ, who admires more than does any man the gifts He Himself has bestowed."
    ~J.R.R. Tolkien

    “Fantasy is escapist, and that is its glory. If a soldier is imprisioned by the enemy, don't we consider it his duty to escape?. . .If we value the freedom of mind and soul, if we're partisans of liberty, then it's our plain duty to escape, and to take as many people with us as we can!”
    ~J.R.R. Tolkien

    "Writers who see by the light of their Christian faith will have, in these times, the sharpest eye for the grotesque, for the perverse, and for the unacceptable. To the hard of hearing you shout, and for the almost-blind you draw large and startling figures."
    ~Flannery O'Connor

    You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what’s burning inside you. And we edit to let the fire show through the smoke.
    ~Arthur Polotnik

    Words - so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them.
    ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

    "There are forms of insanity that condemn people to hear voices against their will, but as writers we invite ourselves to hear voices without relinquishing our hold on reality or our right to control."
    ~Writing Fiction by Janet Burroway

    Christians have sometimes been suspicious of stories, because they really can influence you. If you read the Twilight novels once a month for a year, I think you'd be a different human afterward—and not a sparkly one.
    ~Nate Wilson

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Character Takeover!

So, I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, I’m going to let my characters take over a blog post! This should be fun. 🙂 Here are all the characters who will be participating.

Ava= Heroine in my current Novel (age 16)
Stephen= Hero of Stephen of Scarborough (age 21)
William= Ally of Stephen of Scarborough (age 25)
Tyra= Heroine of a work in progress (or WIP) called for now Tyra’s Stone (age 19)
Silas= Ally/Love of same WIP (age 24)
Kate= Heroine of WIP (no title yet) (age 18)
Terren= Ally/Love of same WIP (age 23)

Alrightie! Without further ado, it’s all yours guys!

Stephen: *clears throat* Greetings?
William: That was a question?
Stephen: Well, this is rather odd.
Tyra: Get use to it.
Stephen: *groans* You’re here?
Tyra: Of course I’m here. Didn’t you here our Author announce me?
William: Oh don’t start that you two!
Silas: Yes, I’m in full agreement with William.
Tyra: You would be.
Silas: Be nice.
Tyra: *whistles*
Ava: It would be very interesting if they were in the same story, wouldn’t it?
Kate: Changing subject!
Terren: To what?
Kate: I was getting to that.
Tyra: Weapons.
Kate: Why weapons?
Tyra: It was the first thing that popped into my head.
Stephen: *mumbles* You mean there’s something in there?
Tyra: *between her teeth* I heard that you no good, fancy pants of a highway man!
Stephen: I…
Silas/William/Kate/Terren/Ava: No!
Kate: This is going nowhere.
Terren: Yes, if you two can’t get along then don’t even look at each other.
Silas: Perhaps we should talk about… Ava?
Ava: What? Oh. Um… Tyra could tell us a tale?
Silas: Yes!
Tyra: No.
Silas: Why not?
Tyra: *shrugs* Don’t feel like it.
Terren: How long have you been a bard Tyra?
Tyra: All my life.
Terren: Umm.
Ava: Are Stephen and William the only characters set in a historical time?
William: Yes.
Kate: I’m from modern Seattle, but my story takes place in Terren’s world.
Terren: Yes. *smiles at Kate*
Stephen: Now what?
Silas: Umm… Do any of the reader’s characters want to join us?
Kate: I like that idea!

Well, if you would like to let your characters talk to mine through the comments then go ahead! Ask them questions or just converse.

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  1. Nairam

     /  December 13, 2009

    Me: Hehe! *shove*

    Robin: WHAT? *double take* Oh no. Not again.

    Me: Yes again.

    Robin: *runs hand through hair* Why do you–

    Me: You do that a lot.

    Robin: What?

    Me: The stuff with your hair.

    Robin: Um.

    Me: *notes*

    Robin: All right, whatever. *sigh* You should be in bed.

    Me: Shush! Com’on, be sociable!

    Robin: I was getting to that. *to characters* Greetings! I am Robin Hood, and I think it’d be best if I didn’t state my occupation…*sideways glance at Tyra* It at least brings stereotypes that I don’t like.

    Me: Your whole name does, Robin.

    Robin: I’ve noticed that. >.>

    Me: Sorry.

    Robin: I am usually accompanied by two someones other than my author, but for now, you’re stuck with her.

    Me: *cheesy grin* *waves*

    Robin: Oh stop.

    Me: You grump. >.<

  2. storygirl308

     /  December 14, 2009

    Stephen: Hood? That’s very close to my sir name.

    Tyra: I don’t know why you looked at me like that. I haven’t got anything against you.

    Silas: And, you’re no stereotype. *wink*

    Stephen: She’s not?

    Tyra: Ugh!

    Silas: If you don’t stop tormenting Tyra you’re going to end up…

    Tyra: Oh never mind!

    Me: Stephen and Tyra, you guys are TOO much a like. *waves back at Nai*

    Stephen: *rollseyes*

    Tyra: *suppresses laugh*

    Stephen: Your moods sure change fast.

    Tyra: Only because you always think I’m in a bad one.

    Silas: *chuckles*

    Stephen: Where did everyone else go?

    Me: Good question… 🙂

    • Nairam

       /  December 14, 2009

      Robin: Um…got a little confused there. My name usually makes people think of a daredevil that is exceedingly tall and extraordinarily good at everything. Which I am not. I find it interesting, Lord Stephen, that Hood is close to…I’m not sure what you meant there. Surname? *to Tyra* Well, you might learn to have something against me. I get two distinction reactions when I state–er–yes.

      Me: That wasn’t really a sentence…

      Robin: I know, my apologies. >.< As for where did everyone go, my author has a hard time keeping track of a herd of people, too. Which is obvious by her usual use of three. Right now, it is just me. Much and Marian are out of practice, it would seem. Are any of you in the real world–that is, the one your author lives in?

      • storygirl308

         /  December 14, 2009

        Stephen: Yes, I ment surname. And please, I am not a lord.

        Tyra: *to Robin* You’re being mysterious.

        Silas: I said the same when I fist met you.

        Tyra: Um…

        Me: Herd is right *looks at charries* er… sometimes. 😉

        Stephen: To answer your question Robin, William and I are, but in the year 1189, in England.

        Kate: I’m from modern Seattle, in the US.

        Me: There you are.

        Kate: *smiles*

  3. Lady Nairam

     /  December 14, 2009

    Robin: *to Stephen* My apologies–I’ve found it’s always best to overestimate station then underestimate it. I’ve gotten some…interesting…reactions. *to Tyra* I am sorry. Unless you like mysteries. *slight laugh* *then to Stephen again…* Are you indeed? That is very interesting. With that and the name, I mean…the story I am in that is completed is set in the Year of our Lord 1191. Also in England, in and around Nottinghamshire. What shire or town do you hail from? *to Kate* Can’t say I’ve heard of that, but I do not what the US is, because of these kinds of things…what is your name, again?

  4. storygirl308

     /  December 14, 2009

    Tyra: Hate them.

    Silas: *laughs*

    Tyra: What?

    Stephen: Really? Very interesting. I was born in Huntingdon which I’m sure you already know neighbors Nottinghamshire. William is from Scarborough, and I have lived with him there for several years now.

    William: But he has had some dealings in Nottingham before. Haven’t you Stephen?

    Stephen: No comment.

    Kate: My name? I’m Kate.

  5. Lady Nairam

     /  December 14, 2009

    Robin: I am most deeply sorry, Lady Tyra. *to Stephen* Scarborough. That’s on the coast, isn’t it? I’ve never been there. I was born in Locksley, and I haven’t really gotten that far from it. I lived in Derby for several years, then in Nottingham for about one…though…I’ve been to–Nottingham Castle–a good deal. *pause* I hate the sight of it. *long pause* I’m sorry, Lady Kate–I–it’s a pleasure to meet you, though I think I already said something of that sort…

  6. storygirl308

     /  December 15, 2009

    Silas: Tyra is a mystery as well. I’m still learning about her.

    Tyra: *smirks*

    Stephen: Yes Scarborough is a coastal town in York. Locksley? I know the place well, it is where my family lives at prestent. Small world.
    As for Nottingham… ugh.

    Kate: And it is a pleasure to meet you too Robin.

  7. Nairam

     /  December 15, 2009

    Robin: I know some people like that…really though, everyone has more that can be learned about them. *to Stephen* Interesting. It sounds like we *should* know each other–or of each other–but. Well. Authors.

    Me: What does *that* mean?

    Robin: It means I couldn’t phrase the thought I had in understandable words.


    Robin: What?

    Me: Just playin’, fella.

    Robin: When did I become ‘Fella’? >.>

    Me: Uh…

  8. Stephen: Yes, it sounds as if we should.

    Me: *grins*

    Stephen: What?

    Me: My lips are sealed, but I think you two will “know” each other better as SoS unfolds.

    Stephen: Hmmm…

  9. Zoe

     /  December 16, 2009

    [I’m getting in on this with a character that is only in my head so far…she fit the conversation better than the ones in my current story.]

    Rosamund: *waves* Hi! I’m Raven of the Wood! *to Robin* Remember me? I wouldn’t say you’re not the best at everything, like you said earlier. You’re better than me at archery! Now, sword fighting…that’s a little different. Though I’m not too sure how I got to be better than you, since you’re the one that taught me. Maybe it’s because I fight with two swords, and you only use one? Tell the Sheriff hi for me next time you see him. I only wish I could be there to see how purple his face gets. *giggles* *to Stephen* Do I know you? I feel like I do, but I can’t quite pin down how. Maybe I met you in Nottingham? You wouldn’t have recognized me, though. I look a lot different now than I would have then.

  10. storygirl308

     /  December 16, 2009

    Stephen: Greetings Raven. I don’t believe we’ve met before.

    Tyra: Hello, I am Tyra O’Dale, and this is Sir Silas Richardson.

    Silas: Greetings and well met.
    Thank you for the introduction Trya.

    Tyra: *shugs*

    Ava: Archery is *much* better then sword fighting. Give me a bow any day, I’ll leave the sword at home.
    Oh, sorry, greetings Raven, I am Ava.

  11. Zoe

     /  December 16, 2009

    [Calling her Rosamund is not a typo. Ask her why! :P)

    Rosamund: *to Stephen* I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve met you. Ever been to Nottingham Castle? Did you maybe notice a young girl with really black hair in ringlets running around? That was me…then. *to Tyra and Silas* Hi! *to Ava* Sorry, I have to disagree. Fighting with two swords is the best. You can’t shoot arrows at close range, unless you know how to throw them. And with two swords against someone with one? You usually win!

  12. storygirl308

     /  December 16, 2009

    Tyra: *to Raven* Why do you have two names?

    Silas: That’s Tyra, jumping in.

    Tyra: *smirks*

    Silas: *grins*

  13. Rosamund: *to Tyra* Well, you see, my Christian name is Rosamund. But while Prince John was ruling in King Richard’s stead, my father did things that I didn’t approve of. So…I cut my hair and donned a mask and cowl, and joined Robin Hood’s band as a boy, Raven. Eventually, I became Raven of the Wood. I originally hail from Nottingham, by the way.

  14. storygirl308

     /  December 16, 2009

    Tyra: What language out you speeking? I didn’t understand you thing you said.

    Stephen: You wouldn’t.

    Tyra: And you do?

    Stephen: I do.

    Tyra: *grumbles*

    Silas: *to Tyra* I think it’s because you and I are not from the same world.

    Tyra: Go figure.

  15. Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: *to Tyra* I’m speaking English…just with my author’s poor attempts at making it sound old.
    Me: Hey!
    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: *to Tyra* In plain English, I said, ‘The name I was given at birth was Rosamund. But while Prince John was ruling, I did not approve of the evil things my father was doing. So… I cut my hair and put on a hood and mask and joined Robin Hood’s band as a boy, Raven. Eventually, I became Raven of the Wood. I originally come from Nottingham, by the way.’ Was that better? Now do you understand? *to Silas* You two seem to have a love-hate relationship here.

  16. storygirl308

     /  December 16, 2009

    Silas: I think Tyra ment she didn’t understand a few words because we have never heard them before.

    Tyra: Love-hate? *winks at Silas*

    Silas: *smiles* No hate, just… *kisses Tyra’s cheek*

    Tyra: Teasing? *blushes*

    Silas: Maybe.

    Tyra: And don’t do that again.

    Silas: What? *quikly kisses cheek again*

    Tyra: That! *turns another shade of red*

    Silas: *grins* Secretly she likes it.

    Tyra: Men.

    Stephen: Ah… please stop.

    William: *laughs* You have a bit of romance with someone yourself Stephen.

    Stephen: This is different.

    William: Not really.

  17. Nairam

     /  December 17, 2009

    Robin: *raises eyebrows* Ah…well…*decides to skip back in the conversation* Hello, Rosamund. Or Raven if you prefer. Though I understood perfectly what you said, I’m afraid–I don’t know you. Yet another quirk of being part of a book instead of a real live person…my author’s take on the Robin Hood legend only. Though I must say, if she put everything she’d ever read in as truth, that would be one confusing book. >.> I find it highly interesting that you’re in the same time period as me, though–even the same legend. I’ve only met one other person, besides Stephen here, that I’ve shared that with before. Is your story written?

    Me: And now, to split up Robin’s long paragraphs, I bring you–Marian.

    Marian: Huh?

    Robin: *smile* Hello.

    Marian: Er, hello.

    Robin: You sound half asleep.

    Marian: Maybe I am. *yawn*

    Robin: Everyone, this is Marian, of Gisbourne.

    Marian: And Locksley too, if you don’t mind.

    Robin: Depends on which year we’re in…this can get confusing, I warn you. >.>

  18. storygirl308

     /  December 17, 2009

    Stephen: Hello Marian, or I could say Pax vobiscum.

    William: Greetings My Lady.

    Tyra: Five characters from the same time and place but different stories. This should be interesting. Oh, greetings Marian.

    Silas: Well met Lady.

  19. Zoe

     /  December 17, 2009

    Me: *to Tyra and Silas* Ah! not a love-hate relationship…love-BUG *cracks up at pun*
    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: Love-bug?
    Me: A movie that I technically shouldn’t know about…it was made before I was born.
    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: Movie?
    Me: Never mind.

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: Oh! And in case you thought that I was inferring that Prince John is my father, he’s not. (thank goodness). Sadly, my father is just as evil and cruel, if not more.
    Me: Raven! You keep saying ‘my father’! Aren’t you even going to tell them who he is?
    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: *get’s scared look* NO! *shudders* If I did, they’d hate me for life!
    *to Robin* I think you’ve been smacked upside the head with a quarterstaff too many times. I already told Tyra and Silas some of my history. When I joined the band, you were the only one that trusted me, in spite of the mask, and you taught me how to shoot and swordfight. I think (I don’t remember (well actually my author doesn’t know yet)) you were the one that added ‘of the Wood’ to my name. Please, call me Raven. Rosamund brings back to many bad memories of my past, before joining the band. As far as my story goes, it’s not written yet. It’s only in my author’s head.
    *to Marian* Greetings! YOU remember me, right? *sighs* No, probably not. Is it fine with you if we just call you Marian of Locksley…not Gisbourne? Gisbourne brings back too many bad memories, too, like the time my mask slipped in the middle of a battle. *grimaces* The only time I ran away from battle.

  20. Lady Nairam

     /  December 17, 2009

    Robin: Er, um…Raven, I’m afraid I really don’t know you. You do realize there are many versions of…Robin Hood? My author created a whole different version called Forest of Lies–told from Marian’s POV…and, sadly, you aren’t in it, because, well…you’re not my author’s character. I’m bungling this.

    Marian: No, I think you did fine. We’re cursed with a common story. Except made uncommon, which makes things even weirder. Raven, it’s a pleasure to meet you–for it really is the first time that *this* version of Marian has. You needn’t call me “of” either right now. I’m born into the house of Gisbourne, married into Locksley. You could even add Sherwood, because of residence. But just calling me Marian works fine. 🙂 For the record, this Robin has not been smacked very many times with a quarterstaff. He’s…different.

    Robin: You do the smacking instead.

    Marian: Right. *double take* No!

    Robin: *laughs* You do so.

    Marian: I do not!…anymore.

    Robin: 😛

    Marian: Hello to everyone else, too! Tyra, you say there are other characters from the same time and place as us, besides Raven, here?

    Robin: Yes…Stephen and William, there.

    Marian: Oh. *wave*

    Robin: *rolls eyes*

    Marian: *grin* Am I right in assuming that almost all of us here have a shared distaste for Nottingham?

    Robin: …Castle. Nottingham itself isn’t so bad…

    Marian: Well, yes.

    Robin: I think we do.

    Marian: Sweet.

    Robin: You and those modern words…

    Marian: I like them. *nodnod*

  21. Zoe

     /  December 17, 2009

    [I know they can’t be expected to know each other. I’m just trying to make it realistic-ish. Maybe I’M bungling it :P]

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: Nottingham Castle! *shudder* It is all too horribly familiar to me. *to Robin* If you ever need to know some good entrances/exits or hiding places, I could tell you! *to Marian* How is he different? I’m intrigued.

  22. Lady Nairam

     /  December 17, 2009

    [I kind of guessed that, but I steered it in other directions because my book went so off the wall of the normal Robin Hood canon that I didn’t think it would work…in other words, you’re doing fine and I’m being contrary. ;)]

    Robin: *wry smile* I’m fairly well acquainted with them myself, I must say. Though mostly I don’t enter of my own will…by the way, I wouldn’t ever hate someone because of their father. I mean, I like Marian, with her father AND the fact that *she* happened to more than “like” the–

    Marian: *shove* Oh stop. To shut you up, I shall now start extolling on your virtues that far surpass normal Robin Hoods.

    Robin: *goes red in the face* Oh, please, don’t–

    Marian: First off, Raven, he is not six feet tall.

    Robin: *surprised, but not too surprised* Oh, Mar,–

    Marian: But only an inch taller then my person, and I am 5’3″. Secondly, he is not good at everything, only his bow. He utterly detest the sword, and I am better at it than he is. If he’s even touched a quarterstaff, I haven’t seen it. Thirdly, he is annoyingly honest and impossible to compliment.

    Robin: Not alway–

    Marian: See?

    Robin: Marian, why don’t you–

    Marian: Hmm, what else? Oh, he doesn’t go around beating people up (how can you, without a quarterstaff?), didn’t attend the archery tournament, and didn’t spend days wooing me.

    Robin: Why, Nai? Why?

    Me: *chortles*

    Robin: I think I’ll leave…

    Marian: No, you shan’t.

    Robin: Yes, I shall.

    Me: Nothing doin’, Robin. That’s horrible rude.

    Robin: And her? *points at Marian*

    Me: She was complimenting you.

    Robin: Yes, but–

    Me: *shakes head*

    Marian: Not even a thank you. *dramatic sigh*

  23. storygirl308

     /  December 17, 2009

    Ava: Yes! I don’t like the sword either. I only use it when I have to.

    Stephen: *waves back at Marian*

    William: *shakes head* You knew Stephen, I just realized that the name Robin Hood is very close to roberhood, a name you…

    Stephen: *coughs* Heard alot. I name I’ve heard alot.

    Tyra: Told you this would be interesting.

    Silas: That you did.

  24. [Nairam, did you get your inspiration from the original book, or elsewhere? Just curious 😀 ]

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: *to Robin* I’d be really interested to know what you almost said about Marian. Fine. I’ll be brave. My. father. is. *gulps* the. Sheriff. of. Nottingham. *squeezes eyes shut, peeks out and decides it’s safe to continue*

    *to Marian* Aha! You still smack him! Actually, he doesn’t sound that different from the Robin I know, with the exception of the sword thing. Do you use one sword or two? Straight or scimitar?

    *to Tyra* This *is* interesting…but very enjoyable! Oh! I play the flute too, as well as the harp. I also have a good singng voice. (or so my mother told me *wipes away a tear*) It actually makes for a lot of things to carry, what with my two swords, my bow and quiver-full of arrows, (which I don’t use as well as Robin) my flute and my harp.

    *to William* What’s Roberhood, and what does that have to do with Stephen?

  25. storygirl308

     /  December 17, 2009

    Tyra: How did you know I played the flute?

    William: A roberhood is an outlaw, highway man, usually a group of such. And… I’ll let Stephen answer that for himself. *grins*

    Stephen: *glares* I’ve been called such, what of it?

    William: And he’s very good with a bow. *winks*

    Stephen: Alright, enough!

  26. Zoe

     /  December 17, 2009

    [wait…do you mean robberhood?]

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: *to Tyra* My author told me. She said she read it on something called a forum. Don’t forums have to do with Rome?
    *to William and Stephen* I see. So technically, Robin Hood and I are roberhoods too? But good ones. *to Stephen* Are you a good roberhood or a bad one? And why don’t you like that you’re good with a bow?

  27. Zoe

     /  December 17, 2009

    Rosamund/Raven of Wood: My author says this looks like me. I think it’s close! http://armstreet.com/image/289/big_img_2009110284707.jpg

  28. Nairam

     /  December 17, 2009

    [Zoe: well, it depends on what you call “the original book.” Robin Hood actually started as ballads, dating as far back as the 14th century, I think. A lot of people have heard of the Howard Pyle book as well–perhaps that’s the one you mean? Personally, I’ve read over twenty different versions, as well as seeing a few film adaptions. I’m a bit of a nut on it. So that was the main inspi. Funny thing was, my Robin Hood story went way off the normal path–but I had a ton of fun in the forest. 😉 Actually, I could get you a link to the book, if you want. *shrug* Oh wait…looking back over the post, I saw that you said something about a forum. Which forum? If you don’t mind my asking. I’m a member of the OYAN curriculum one…]

    Robin: *to Ava* Ah yes, I remember that–about your archery preference as well, and your lovely bow. I doubt your mentor would like me encouraging you that arena, however…

    Marian: *rolls eyes* Probably not. *looks curiously at Will and Stephen*

    Robin: *to Raven* Really? Oh, that’s no problem! Even if I knew the same version of him (which I don’t) I would hardly judge his daughter because of him. At least–I hope I wouldn’t. What I was about to say about Marian–

    Marian: Don’t, please.

    Robin: You just embarrassed me half to death, why not? Marian is the daughter of Guy of Gisbourne (though in my version he makes no especial threat on my life), and at one point was courted by our High Sheriff, Ralph Murdoc.

    Marian: I don’t like him anymore.

    Robin: I know.

    Marian: *humph* *to Raven* Just one sword. I haven’t been using it long. And straight. That is a pretty picture, as well. *amused glance at William and Stephen*

    Robin: *keeps a straight face. But, knowing Robin, you can all guess what his eyes are doing–or at least I think Laura can* *to Stephen* Not always on the right side of the law, eh?

    • Tyra: That would be what my author calls The Holy Worlds Forum. Rome? What’s Rome?

      Ava: *to Robin* Yes, I heard you two had talked quit a bit about me.

      Stephen: *to Raven* Whether I’m good or bad depends on who you ask. And I like the fact I’m good with a bow only… er… oh, you all will find out the more of my story is posted. *to Robin* No. *to Marian* Am I really that interesting?

      William: Apears as if you are. *hides grin*

      Me: Yes, I can guess what his eyes are doing. 😉

  29. Zoe

     /  December 18, 2009

    [Nairam: I actually didn’t know it started as ballads. I though Howard Pyle made it up. 😛 So yes, I was referring to that as the original book. I’ve liked it for a while, but it was actually the 2006 BBC Robin Hood series that got me wanting to do this story. Have you seen that one? It’s going to be hard to follow the book and not the television series, though, since I like the TV one better. 🙂 I’d love the link! I was referring to Holy World Christian Fantasy Forum, not OYAN. I’m kind of interested in doing OYAN, but I can’t get English credit for it, because the guidelines for homeschooling are very strict where I live….we have to cover certain topics every year, so I might have to wait for a LONG time. 😛 ]

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: *to Robin* Whew! *wipes little droplets of sweat away* Is your sheriff just as bad? By High Sheriff, do you mean the Sheriff of Nottingham, or someone else?

    Me: *snorts*

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: What?

    Me: Sorry, the High Sheriff’s last name reminds me of something funny.

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: Last name?

    Me: Surname.

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: Oh.
    *to Marian* I use two swords, a straight and a scimitar.
    *to Tyra* Rome is a country by the Mediterranean Sea. Soldiers from there occupied England in the 1st century, A.D.
    *to Stephen* Hmm…. I’m intrigued! I guess I’ll have to wait for my author to tell me. *sighs*

  30. Zoe

     /  December 18, 2009

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: *to Stephen* Oh… by the way…how’s your chin doing?

  31. storygirl308

     /  December 18, 2009

    Me: I love the BBC Robin Hood! (seasons one and two that it.) I even own them. 🙂

    Tyra: hum, interesting. Where did Silas go?

    Silas: I’m right here… now.

    Tyra: Where were you?

    Silas: Ummm…

    Tyra: Never mind.

    Stephen: My chin? Oh… it’s fine, it didn’t fall off. *grins*

    William: And he has a nice scar from it.

  32. Nairam

     /  December 18, 2009

    [Ah, I see. There ARE better Robin Hood books than Pyle, by the way (personal opinion, of course)…Yes I’ve seen the BBC Robin Hood–because of SG, actually! 🙂 Though my book started the same year as those started coming out (O.o), I didn’t watch any until this summer. I think they’re great fun. I think the fact that there are only 13 episodes a season is pathetic. >.> I understand about the forum. I knew I was taking a guess. 😉 Here’s the link: http://www.oneyearnovel.com/Contest%20PDFs/Garner-Forest%20of%20Lies.pdf Sorry SG, kinda hijacking your blog…ish.]

    Robin: By High Sheriff…er. Nai?

    Me: Oh bother. I’m really coming across as a nerd, aren’t I?

    Marian: It’s an adequate representation.

    Me: Gee, thanks. *rolls eyes* The “High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire” was the official title of the dude at Nottingham Castle. He was in charge of both Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, as the title suggests. AND Ralph Murdoc was the High Sheriff in 1191 (1189-1194, I think), where I have placed my book. So…yes.

    Robin: In other words, it doesn’t really matter, she just has a think for being correct.

    Me: Yes.

    Marian: She was ripping her hair out over getting blueprints of some kind for Nottingham Castle. >.>

    Me: All right, enough already! *waves off*

    Robin: *grin* Where were we in the conversation? Oh, Raven. Well, I’m not sure…never having met your father and all that. But–*breaks off*

    Marian: He’s a sick, sick man.

    Robin: Yes. Really, he’s to be pitied…

    Marian: I suppose. *looks at Robin* But let’s not talk about that. *to Stephen* Um…did I say you were interesting?

    Robin: You kept looking at him…>.>

    Marian: Oh. Well. I don’t know. *shrug*

    Robin: *rolls eyes*

    Me: Guys, where is Much?

    Marian: I don’t have the foggiest.

    Me: You DO realize how dangerous that is.

    Robin&Marian: *look at each other*

    Robin: Yes.

    Me: >.>

    Much: *taps me on shoulder*

    Me: YIPES!

    Much: Gee, get a hold of yourself!

    Me: Since when did you guys use the word GEE?

    *the threesome glance at each other and then roll their eyes*

    Me: I hate it when you do that. >.>

    Much: Hello, fellow characters. *sweeping bow, which has hardly improved from Chapter 3* Hey! *glares at me*

    Me: What? *innocent*

    Much: You don’t need to describe me bowing like THAT.

    Me: 😀

    Much: Authors. >.> Anyway. *turns to other* I am Much. YES, that is my name. NO I did not pick it. YES again, that REALLY is my name. Any questions?

    Robin: *shakes head*

    Marian: *laughs*

  33. storygirl308

     /  December 18, 2009

    Me: No prob Nai. 🙂

    Tyra: *to Much* How did you get a name like that?

    Silas: Tyra…

    Tyra: Yes?

    Silas: That, oh never mind.

    Stephen: You apeared to think I was interesting.

    WIlliam: Just drop it Stephen.

    Stephen: *grunts*

  34. Nairam

     /  December 19, 2009

    Much: *slightly annoyed* *to Tyra* Do you want the real explanation or the book’s explanation? I’ll go with the first, because my author hasn’t made the second yet. “Much the miller’s son” is part of the Robin Hood canon, so, as always, Nai adapted it. She was a cross between surprised and displeased to find that the BBC Robin Hood had done something of the same sort with the characters.

    Marian: *to Stephen* Well, what? Do you *want* me to think you interesting? *grin* That’s a stupid question. Most boys do…

    Much: *rolls eyes*

    Robin: Oh, Marian.

    Marian: What? You *do*.

    Much: She’s right. At least *you* do. *playful shove*

    Robin: Oh be quiet. >.>

    Much: You’re making yourself sound all the more guilty. 😛

    Marian: *laughs*

  35. Zoe

     /  December 20, 2009

    [I’ve only seen the first season, so far, and we’re not going to watch the third. And no, I don’t think you’re a nerd, Nai. If you’re interested, I’m going to start posting Raven’s story on my blog (www.aloveofbooks.wordpress.com) Laura (as of now) has permission to give you the password. 😛 ]

    Me: Oh! So Ralph Murdoc was a real person! *snorts* Sorry, his last name hits my funny bone….for certain reasons. *rolls eyes* Great, now I’m being as mysterious as Raven. *smacks head*

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: Well, other than being sick, is he as nasty as, say, the Sheriff in the show Zoe likes?

    Me: How did you know about that?

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: You told me.

    Me: Oh

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: Greetings, Much!

  36. Lady Nairam

     /  December 20, 2009

    [Aw, don’t worry. I like being a nerd, really. >:D Haha. The second season is my favourite–barring, of course, the end. Grr! Of course, I *did* see it first, and the first two each of slightly different flavors, both good. For some reason, I prefer the second. Okay, waaay too long detour…]

    Robin: Well, yes, as far as Nai is able to figure out. It may be incorrect, but we’re going with it. She’s displaced Locksley for her purposes (from Yorkshire to Nottinghamshire), so she’s only picky on certain things…I don’t know how she picks which…

    Me: Depends on how much I like the section of the legend I’m messing with…

    Marian: *aside to Raven* She’s pretty stubborn on names.

    Much: *rolls eyes*

    Robin: Anyway, enough conversation amongst ourselves–it’s rather rude.

    Much: WEASEL WORD!

    Robin: *jumps* *looks annoyed* Much, honestly.

    Much: *grin*

    Robin: As for the Sheriff…well, he’s nasty in other ways. I find that Sheriff, quite honestly, laughable. I suppose that’s the way he’s supposed to be–it serves the purpose of the show.

    Me: *to Zoe* He doesn’t like it. *rolls eyes* At least he pretends not to…I think he rather enjoys the wit…doesn’t think much of the plots…

    Robin: Quite honestly, our Sheriff has smaller goals than most. Mainly, he’s interested in me. Not for power, or money, or anything of that sort…he was hurt, long ago, and since then…he’s been passing it on. He’s obsessed with hating me, and seeking to–to…destroy me.

    Marian: *looks at Robin, slightly worried* That’s a good choice of words. He’s not interested in Robin’s blood–

    Robin: Not so far as killing me, you mean.

    Marian: Well yes. *stops* *shortly* Look, do we have to talk about this? I’d really rather not.

    Robin: Marian…

    Marian: I’m sorry, Raven. I don’t–well. I’m sorry. Could we talk about something else?

    Much: *breaking slightly awkward silence* Um, greetings…Raven.

  37. storygirl308

     /  December 20, 2009

    Me: *to Zoe* Sweet. 🙂

    Tyra: *shrug* *to Much* Explanations bore me, but, since you already gave one… Uhm.

    Silas: I remember a time not so long ago when an explanation was very inportant to you.

    Tyra: That was then, no need to dwell on the past.

    Silas: No need indeed. Speeking of the past-

    Tyra: No! *glares at Silas* The past is sentimental and dull.

    Silas: Dull? hardly, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard you refer to something as sentimental.

    Tyra: I ment sentimental to *you*.

    Silas: Ah, but not dull.

    Tyra: *silence*

  38. Nairam

     /  December 21, 2009

    Much: *to Tyra* Well, if you didn’t want an explanation, why’d you ask?

    Robin: *looks between Silas and Tyra* More mysteries. *grin*

    Marian: How is it we all manage to talk in a way that no one else can figure out what we’re talking about?

    Robin: … Pardon?

    Marian: Oh stop!

    Robin: 😀

  39. Zoe

     /  January 1, 2010

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: Hi! Sorry I haven’t been here in a while. My author’s been kind of busy.
    *to Marian* I’m sorry, Marian, we won’t talk about it anymore. We seem to like to talk in mysteries, don’t we? *to everyone* We will have two new characters joining us shortly. Their names are Issibella and Djaxon. They are from a Robin Hood pre-legend. Their author is my author’s writing/brainstorming partner. Anyway…please welcome….ISSIBELLA AND DJAXON!

  40. rosebellamont

     /  January 1, 2010

    Me: These are my two main characters in a novel that I have started to brainstorm about. Issibella is a washer girl in Nottingham castle and Djaxon is the tax collector’s son. I don’t want to say too much but if you would like the plot, you may comment on my blog rosebellamont.wordpress.com and I will email you on my own discretion.

    Issibella:*to Raven* Thanks Raven for the delightful announcement! I-

    Djaxon: HELLO! *waves rapidly*. *to Issibella* Be quiet, you are not the most important thing on this blog you know!

    Me: *to Djaxon* Hey! Be nice! By the time I am through with you, at the end of the book you will deffinately have to be nicer!

    Issibella: *to me* Thank you Rose. *smiles sweetly*, *rolls eyes at Djaxon*

    Djaxon: Oi! To all of you!

    Issibella: *to Raven* I really envy your hair! I got stuck with this ugly light brown!

    Me: Anyways! *clears throat* You two have taken up enough room! Say good bye.

    Djaxon: *to me* But I haven’t even started –

    Me: *to Djaxon* No. That’s enough.

    Issibella: Nice to meet you all! I hope we can get to know you all better! *waves*

    Djaxon: I WILL NOT BE TREATED THIS WAY! *stamps*

  41. Zoe

     /  January 1, 2010

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: *to Issibella and Djaxon* Hi! It’s nice to finally meet you! Robin…well the Robin I know… has told me what he knows about you…but it’s nice to know the real you…not just stories!

    Carter: Hi everyone! I’m Carter! (brownie points to whoever can guess where my author got the name from) In my author’s book, I’m Marian’s younger brother. After Robin teaches Rosamund how to fight with one sword, I teach her how to fight with two.

    Me: And even though I got the name from *coughs* where I got it from, Carter is not a remake of THAT Carter….he’s a totally different person.

    Carter: Of course! I would be very mad if I wasn’t uniquely me!

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: *rolls eyes* Caaaarter!

  42. rosebellamont

     /  January 1, 2010

    Issibella: I personallyhave no clue as to where the name Carter came from!

    Djaxon; *to Issi* Oh, you’re so stupid! Carter was probably from one of those original scrolls or ballads or books or something!

    Me: Djaxon, you don’t seem too sure of yourself.

    Djaxon: *to me* Fine, I think it is from a book!

    Me: *to Djaxon* *calmly* There are a lot of Robin Hood books.

    Djaxon: Oh whatever! Do you know?

    Me: As a matter of fact I do know! But, since I helped think up the character, I am going to let other people have a chance to guess first.

    Djaxon: *with a furrowed brow* I think your bluffing!

    • storygirl308

       /  January 1, 2010

      Me: You got the name from the BBC series. 😉

      Tyra: Hello new people, I am Tyra.

      Silas: Greetings Issibella, Djaxon and Carter. Well met, I am Sir. Silas.

      Tyra: *looks around* Good, that Stephen isn’t here right now.

      Silas: *rollseyes* I don’t understand what it is with you two. You’re not even in the same story.

      Tyra: *shrug* It’s his ego, you could smell it from a mile way.

      Silas: I should have guessed.

  43. rosebellamont

     /  January 1, 2010

    Me: *to storygirl308* YAY! You got it! And why did you choose the number 308 for your name?

    Issibella: Hello Tyra and Sir Silas! For some reason I cannot wait to meet Stephen! Oh! And a great big hello to Carter as well!

    Djaxon: Hmph. *crosses arms*

    Issibella: *to Djaxon* Aren’t you going to say hello?

    Djaxon: Nope.

    Issibella: Don’t be such a jerk! *to Tyra and Silas* Sorry. You will get used to him being like that. Since his father is a tax collector, the whole family is pompous and arrogant!

    Djaxon: Hey!

  44. storygirl308

     /  January 1, 2010

    Me: It stands for Isaiah 30:8. You could call it my great commission verse. 🙂

    Tyra: Humph, I hope you don’t have the pleasure of that too soon.

    Silas: *snorts* Uh, er… excuse me.

  45. Zoe

     /  January 2, 2010

    Me: *to Laura* You got it! I decided I needed a name for Carter, since he plays a big part in The Masked Bird, and I liked the BBC Carter after he turned good. 🙂 And the reason Carter appeared so suddenly was because, due to brainstorming with Rose, I now know what he’s like. 🙂

    Carter: Thank goodness! It was kind of painful being a half-character.

    Me: Um….actually more like a quarter-character.

    Carter: Even worse! *to Tyra and Silas* Greetings!
    *to Issibella* I cannot wait to meet Stephen, either. He seems like an intriguing character!
    *to Djaxon* You seem like someone Raven and I know. A certain Geoffrey. Except, you might be worse….since you’re older.

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: *shudders* *to Carter* Can’t we leave Geoffrey out of this?
    *to everyone else* Geoffrey’s my younger brother, by the way.
    *to Carter* Besides, you know Zoe told us Djaxon will get better…You don’t need to make things worse.

  46. rosebellamont

     /  January 2, 2010

    Djaxon: *to carter* *enraged* You are dispicable! I do NOT appreciate being talked to with such disrespect! IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Especially since my father could tax your dirty little hearts out if we were all in the same story!

    Issibella: Now I know why I don’t like you!

    Djaxon: Oi, I am older, stronger, smarter and richer than you so be careful!

    Issibella: *totally ignoring him* Everyone should go to our author’s site! It-

    Djaxon: Not important!

    Issibella: http://rosebellamont.wordpress.com/

    Me: Thank you Issi. and Djaxon, try to shape up!

    Djaxon: I am shaped up! My shoulders are broad and I am quite strong and hansome and tall!

    Issibella: *rolls eyes* Oh please!

  47. Zoe

     /  January 2, 2010

    Carter: *to Djaxon* Actually, you should be more careful with how you talk to ME. My father is the lord of Newark! Besides, you couldn’t ‘tax [our] dirty little hearts out’, because my father has the Sheriff’s ear, and he wouldn’t let you. Not that I’m proud of the fact.

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: Just like I’m not proud of who my father is. *to Djaxon* Please do be careful how you talk to Carter. He is patient, but when he’s mad, he’s really mad. *to Issibella* Do you use any weapons?

  48. rosebellamont

     /  January 2, 2010

    Issibella: *to Raven* I am actually not sure yet! My author hasn’t written that part of me yet!

    Me: It’s going to be a surprise for both of them. You are going to have to wait and see!

  49. Zoe

     /  January 2, 2010

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: *to Issibella* I see. *to no one in particular* Where’d Djaxon go? I would have thought he would have had another nasty comment by now.

    Carter: He probably realized that he was beaten.

  50. rosebellamont

     /  January 2, 2010

    Djaxon: I DID NOT! *stomps*

    Issibella: I think he was just admiring himself! *rolls eyes*

    Djaxon: Ugh! You guys are disgusting!

    Issibella: At least we are kind!

    Djaxon: *stares madly*

  51. Nairam

     /  January 2, 2010

    Me: O.O

  52. rosebellamont

     /  January 2, 2010

    Djaxon: *to Nairam* What was that face for! So disrespectful! And how on earth do you expect people to know how to pronounce your name!

    Issibella: *to Djaxon* YOU are the one that is being disrespectful! *to Nairam* I am sorry. He is a jerk right now isn’t he! I can’t wait until our author makes him nice!

    Me: All in good time!

  53. Nairam

     /  January 3, 2010

    Me: Erm…last time I checked, there were 15 less replies to this then there are now, and I was surprised and to tell you the truth–lost. My name is pronounced more or less Nay-rum. At least, how I say it. And I’d hardly call it disrespectful. I am an author, after all, and you are a character. 😛 Anyhow, who’d I have in here?

    Robin: Me, for one.

    Marian: And me and Much, I think. But I can’t find Much anywhere.

    Me: Oh no.

    Marian: Yes, I know.

    Me: If we disappear, it’s because the house exploded.

    Marian: Right. And NOT MY FAULT this time. Because I’m here. *smiles sweetly*

    Robin: That’s a very deceiving smile.

    Marian: *bops*

    Robin: See?

    Marian: *rolls eyes*

  54. rosebellamont

     /  January 3, 2010

    Me: Oh, sorry for the fact that you got lost!

    Djaxon: She deserves it! For talking to me like that! *crosses arms**pouts*

    Issibella: Have you all gotten used to him yet? I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t! *rolls eyes*

    Djaxon: *stomps*

    Issibella: tee hee

    Djaxon: * strides off*

  55. storygirl308

     /  January 3, 2010

    Tyra: *to Djaxon* I’v had enough. First, if anyone here has a name you can’t pronounce, it’s you. Second, if you want people to treat you with respect you need to do the same for them. Third, you are an over the top, egotistical, spastic, up on your high horse nincompoop.
    *to Robin and Marian* *nods in their direction* Nice to have you back.

    Silas: Urm.

    Stephen: And here I am yet again.

    Tyra: *mumbles* Great, the other nincompoop.

    Stephen: What?

    William: Never mind, hello again Tyra.

    Tyra: Greetings William.

    Silas: *couphs through a laugh* Tyra, you never cease to astonish me.

    Tyra: *smiles*

  56. Zoe

     /  January 3, 2010

    Me: I agree, Nairam. If anything, our characters have to be respectful to US. After all, they wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for us. 😀

    Carter: Good to meet you, Marian and Robin. Don’t worry…I won’t copy Rosa’s mistake of pretending to know you….even though Marian IS my older sister in my book. *shrugs*

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: *to Marian* Ha! You DO still hit him! *to Tyra* It’s just Jackson spelled differently. And I agree about the rest….except I wouldn’t have said it quite so strongly! 😛

    Carter: You do speak strongly about other things, though.

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: True. *to Stephen and William* You’re back! *to Tyra again* You’re funny. My author burst out laughing when she read what you said!

  57. rosebellamont

     /  January 3, 2010

    Issibella: Djaxon? Where’d he go? *shrugs**to storygirl308* I really wish he were here. That is a tongue-lashing that he deserves 20 times over!

    Me: Hello everyone. I too burst out laughing when I read the comments of storygirl308’s characters!

    Djaxon: *walks in cautiously*

    Issibella: Well look who decided to rejoin the party! *rolls eyes*

    Djaxon: *gestures his mouth being glued shut*

    Issibella: What was that? I am sorry I can’t hear you!

    Djaxon: *gestures madly*

    Issibella: Sorry. Have you suddenly become mute? Well thank goodness for that!

    Djaxon: *pouts*

  58. storygirl308

     /  January 3, 2010

    Silas: *wipes tears from his eyes he’s laughing so hard*

    Tyra: And what is so funny?

    Silas: I *snort* You *snort* Him… *chuckles* I love you.

    Tyra: *is suddenly serious* *silent* *smiles* I… *silent*

    Silas: I know.

    Stephen: Well….

    William: Oh no you don’t.

    Stephen: What?

    William: *shakes head* Don’t.

    Stephen: Fine. *lokks around* *to Djaxon* Want some help?

  59. rosebellamont

     /  January 3, 2010

    Djaxon: *comes back from getting paper and a feather pen**writes:*to Stephen* with what?*

    Issibella:*rolls eyes**also wipes tears from her eyes*

  60. storygirl308

     /  January 3, 2010

    Stephen: Your mouth.

  61. rosebellamont

     /  January 3, 2010

    Djaxon: *scribbling away* *to Stephen* Are you going to punch it out to loosen it or something!?

    Issibella: They are never going to be respectful to you unless you pick up your act! *to me* Are you sure he is going to get nicer?

    Me: You, like everyone else must be patient!

    Djaxon: *claps to get Issi’s attention*

    Issibella: WHAT!??!

    Djaxon: *throws hands up with utter frustration*

  62. rosebellamont

     /  January 3, 2010

    Me: [*to SG* I got an email saying that you replied but it’s not showing up on the actual site. No clue what’s going on. :P]

    • storygirl308

       /  January 3, 2010

      Me: [That’s because I replied, but then deleted it because I didn’t like it. 🙂 ]

  63. Zoe

     /  January 3, 2010

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: *to Djaxon* I can cut your mouth open with my scimitar, if you want.

    Carter: Rosa!

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: Well I COULD!

  64. rosebellamont

     /  January 3, 2010

    Issibella: Sorry to intrupt this conversation but what exactly is a scimitar?

    Djaxon: You are so stupid Issi!

    Issibella: Well you don’t know either!

    Djaxon: Ah-

    Me: Djaxon you never learn do you!?

  65. Zoe

     /  January 3, 2010

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: A scimitar is a curved, Saracen sword. I fight with a scimitar in my left hand, and a straight in my right.

  66. rosebellamont

     /  January 3, 2010

    Issibella: Cool! *eyes glittering*

  67. Zoe

     /  January 3, 2010

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: *smiles* I agree! I also can use a bow to some degree. Contrary to what some people say, it CAN be a close-range weapon. Just throw the arrows!

  68. Rosmund/Raven of the Wood: Hey! Djaxon! Your mouth got unstuck! How’d you do that?

  69. rosebellamont

     /  January 4, 2010

    Djaxon: Well, I. Em, I. Well… *shrugs*

    Issibella: I think that he just couldn’t stand not talking! And also he had the erg to call me stupid.

    Djaxon: Wha-!?!?!

  70. Zoe

     /  January 4, 2010

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: *to Issibella* I see. *to Djaxon* I’m glad your mouth got unstuck! I definitely wouldn’t like it if my mouth was stuck!

    Carter: Sometimes I AM tempted to put some tape over it.

    Rosamund/Raven of the Wood: Hey!

    Carter: *shrugs*

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